During 2 days, Around 50 people (Universities, SME, Start-up, Research Centers and Clusters) from 4 countries participated to PIC Meeting in Orléans, France. The 4 french Clusters involved in the organisation of this event (VEGEPOLYS, TERRALIA, AGRI SUD OUEST INNOVATION and CEREALES VALLEE) led different workshops on Digital Farming, New inputs and Interclustering.


The aim remains the same : Build new collaborative project during the year and enhance the network of Plant Intercluster in Europe.

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  • Innovation through the service
    by Isabelle Jeanneau - Director of NEKOE cluster (http://nekoe.fr/)
  • Success stories :


    - DIVA - Boosting innovative Digitech Value chains for Agrofood, forestry and environment (H2020-INNOSUP-1-2017) by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

    - AlpBioEco - Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space (INTERREG Espace Alpin) by TERRALIA

    - TRACK - Tracking opportunities to develop and strengthen data collection and big data in agri-food chain to increase competitivity of SMEs (COSME) by VEGEPOLYS

  • Opportunities for your R&I projets : overwiew of the H2020 calls for 2019-2020

    Vincent Massot - H2020 BIO National Contact Point
    Héloïse Peschard - EEN Project officer

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Cluster and SME participants could put foward their proposals and recent works with the aim to identify future cooperation projects among them.


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  • WorkShop 1 : New Inputs for plant production


Yolaine Hily - Development Manager for Research & Innovation - VEGEPOLYS

Laurent Augier - Research and development Manager - Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation  


Jean-Charles Michel - Associate Professor Growing Media & Soil Physics - Research Unit EPHOR Physical Environment of Horticultural Plants  

Other speakers to be confirmed

General topic


Which place and use of new inputs (biocontrol, biostimulation, growing media) in plant production?

Focus on their applications in urban farming and urban green spaces.

Ideas of projects to discuss between participants


- Presentation of the current research front on growing media and their links to biocontrol and biostimulation

- Exchange about the structure and ecosystem and activities of each participant 


Prospective, alternative to pesticides,


  • WorkShop 2 : Digital Farming


Nicolas Nguyen The – European project manager - Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

Aurélien Lepennetier – Project manager for Centre-Val de Loire - VEGEPOLYS


Christophe Guizard – Deputy Director - Research Unit ITAP of IRSTEA, and Eranet ICT-Agri PCN

Raphaël Canals – Teacher-Researcher in Technologies for Information and Communication – Research Unit PRISME at University of Orléans

And presentations of companies using artificial intelligence and deep-learning for plant production

General topic


Which impact of artificial intelligence and deep-learning in plant sector and how to develop these technologies to European context?

Ideas of projects to discuss between participants


- Presentation of these technologies (artificial intelligence and deep learning) and their potential for plant production

- Exchange about the obstacles to be solved and ecosystem to built for a good development of these technologies


Digital, Intelligence artificial, deep-learning, International, Perspectives, European project

  • WorkShop 3 : Interclustering Cooperation



Nicolas Fégeant - International Development Manager - VEGEPOLYS

Isabelle Guichard - International Development Inter clusters Manager - Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation


Vincent Massot - European project manager - H2020 BIO National Contact Point

General topic


How enhance internationalization of our SMEs through interclustering and UE Toolbox?

Ideas of projects to discuss between participants


- Presentation of the call for projects dedicated to interclustering (INOSUP/COSME/INTERREG)

- Exchange about the structure and ecosystem of each cluster and the main activities they manage towards SME in the field of internationalization.


UE ToolBox, Partnership, International, Perspectives, Cooperation.

It will be also an opportunity to optimize the functioning of the PIC network. According to participants the content of this workshop might be submitted to change. Please let us know about the topic or project ideas you wish to work on during this workshop.





During the BtoB meetings , between companies, SMEs, clusters and research institutes, participants had the opportunity to meet potential partners and discuss about opportunities for collaboration in the field of efficient plant production.






  • Visit 1 - Industry LAB (LAB'O) + CEES - INRA (European Soil Sample Conservatory - INRA)
  • Visit 2: Phenofield® - high-throughput Phenotyping of ARVALIS-Institut du Végétal (See : Info Phenofield)




This networking event targeted

a wide spectrum of companies, clusters, universities,

research centers and end-users,

from Europe and America related to plant production.  




It was a great opportunity to make new contacts and find partners
for their next European projects!