The 2nd edition of the Plant InterCluster annual meeting

PIC 2012, photo de groupe prof

Following the 1rst Plant Intercluster Meeting last year in Paris, PIC - the French cluster consortium for plant innovation, dedicated the 2nd edition of its annual meeting to the topic

Exchange of best practices for a greener future!

In order to sustain inter-cluster dynamic, the Agrocluster RIBATEJO organized this meeting and offered the PIC members a two-day stay in Portugal from June 5th to 6th.

15 clusters from North and South America as well as from Europe were represented and showed their knowledge in plant innovation to a public of 75 delegates from 45 different institutions.

Please find below some of our conference topics

Part I: Innovation workshops

The innovation workshops in 2012 focused on the following topics:

  • Precision Viticulture, State of the art and perspectives
  • Innovation for a sustainable economical competitiveness of the Fruit and Vegetable, cereals and vine sectors
  • Innovating breeding for food : part one and part two
  • Plant innovation and sustainable development - Germendemik
  • Ornamental Plant Genetic Resource in South America

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Part II : Benchmarking of good practices

The main results of an international benchmarking study of competitiveness poles and clusters with identification of best practices are summarized as follows :

  • Presentation
  • Study

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Part III : European collaborative projects with the Horizon 2020

The goal of the PIC network is to develop synergies together. Therefore one part of the conferences specially focused on FP7 Open Calls (KBBE) and approach on FP8. We also tried to identify potential cooperation/collaborative projects for the future.

  • Funding opportunities in FP7 KBBE calls
  • Agrobiofilm, an example of a FP7 project led by the Portuguese SME Silvex
  • Approach on the future FP8
  • Potential project ideas for the Plant Intercluster Network.

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But PIC network means also to get familiarized with new countries:

During our stay in Portugal we had the opportunity to attend to the FNA Fair, the biggest agriculture exhibition of this country and to visit the company Sumol + Compal , the Portuguese market leader in soft drinks.

And of course we shared some good moments as well.

The feedback given by participants who joined the event can be summarized as follows: 

Intense cooperation between clusters and their members is more and more needed and the annual PIC meeting allows the sharing of information in order to get to know each other better.


The consortium Plant Intercluster signed its first Clusters Cooperation Agreement with one of its partners.

On June 5th, 2012 a Clusters Cooperation Agreement was signed in Santarem (Portugal) between Mr. Gino Boismorin, general manager of VEGEPOLYS who signed on behalf of the PIC Consortium and Mr. Carlos Lopes president of the Portuguese Agrocluster Ribatejo.

The purpose of this CCA is to establish a formal cooperation initiative to share information, tools and experiences between the French and Portuguese clusters and strengthen business, research and technological cooperation.


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